The Process of getting solar power

1. Call Meridian Solar to book a Consultation

A Meridian Solar PV Consultant will come to your property for a site assessment that takes approx. 30-45 minutes. At the consultation the designer will collect information on the aspect of your roof, the roof pitch, type of roofing material, any shading details and the amount of space available. The consultant will discuss with you, what you would like to achieve from your solar power system.  

Meridian Solar can design a system to fit the available roof space, to produce a certain amount of electricity (e.g. to eliminate your power bill) or to a specified budget. It is a good idea to have the last 12 months of power bills available to help with estimates on how much electricity and money you will save.
 Meridian Solar may install an energy monitor at this stage of the process, to determine how much energy you are using at certain times of the day , for example, during sunlight hours.

2. Review Proposal

Meridian will provide you with a proposal outlining the best solution to your solar power needs. As well as a quotation for your solar power system the proposal will also include estimates on the performance of the system, the savings you will make on your electricity bill and the estimated CO2 savings from the system – how much you will reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Contract acceptance

If you decide to go ahead with the installation you will be required to sign a form accepting the fee proposal and the terms and conditions of installation.  At this stage a deposit is required to allow Meridian Solar to secure the components for your installation, organize the change of meter with your energy network and schedule a convenient time for your installation. 

4. The Installation and Connection to the Electricity Grid

The installation of the solar modules, mounting system, and inverter, are carried out by Meridian Solar, CEC accredited installers.  Most system’s can be installed within one day. Our licensed electricians will conduct all electrical work and commission the system using strict CEC guidelines.  The final step in the installation process is the fitting of a meter that will measure the generation of your solar power system. Unlike most solar companies, Meridian Solar covers the cost of the meter change*. Meridian Solar will provide you with manuals and warranties for all the components in your solar power system and instruction on how to monitor its performance. 


Upon installation, the balance of payment for the solar power system is required and once the final payment is received ownership of the solar power system transfers to you. A guided tour of how the system works and a step-by-step explanation of the owner’s manual will be presented to you to demonstrate how easy it is to monitor your systems output.

6. Congratulations

Your home is now a clean, green, power station – silently producing clean, green electricity for the next 40+ years.