Need help reducing your Electricity bills? We have energy monitors that identify appliances that use the most power in your home or business. You can then purchase a more energy efficient alternative or use that appliance less often to save money on power.


Solar Power is still a wise investment that will save you money and reduce or eliminate your electricity bills. There are still generous government incentives to make solar power an attractive investment.

Quality products

At Meridian Solar we only use the highest quality products on the market. We have done the research for you, and only source components from companies that have a proven record in the industry and comprehensive warranties to back up their products


The Meridian Solar team has managed over 2000 solar power installations, amassing a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience in the residential commercial and government sectors.

The Solar guide

This guide informs you about what constitutes a quality solar power installation, what factors you need to be aware of and how to avoid outlaying money on a substandard system that will not give you the long term savings and returns a solar power system should.

The Economics of Solar Power

Is Solar a good investment? Will Solar save me money? Have I missed the boat? A discussion on the costs and savings involved with going solar.

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Key questions you should know the answers to, before getting solar.

Solar Terminology

A glossary of commonly used terms when switching to solar, to avoid the confusion.

How Solar Power Works

In just one hour the sun generates enough energy to power the world for an entire year!