Key questions answered so you know what to expect from a solar power system.

Will solar work at my home?? How much sun do I need?? How much roof space will the panels take up?? Is my roof strong enough to take the weight of the panels?? Are there any types of roof solar can’t be installed on?? How do I get power at night?? How long does a solar power system last?? What happens when there is no sun, such as on rainy days?? What will happen to the panels if there is a hailstorm?? Will the solar panels reflect light and cause a glare?? Does the system require any maintenance?? Can I expand my system later?? Will I still have power if the grid has a black out?? Will my home be independent from the electricity grid?? How will I pay for my electricity now I have solar?? If I decided to get a Meridian Solar installation, how long will it take to be completed?? Who will install my solar power system??